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Hardware, IoT and Embedded Systems
Free Consultation
We help companies and particularly startups to get their MVP and prototypes. We help to build a hardware product from scratch to mass production.
Complex Development
We develop hardware product from scrach. We use our experience and own ready solutions to deliver the product to market.
Prototyping and MVP
Lumiere can roll out your first prototypes quickly to show off to your investors and early target groups. We use a wide range of tools to deliver hardware and software prototypes faster.
Hardware Development
Build your product from scratch and concept to mass production
product design
electrical enginering
prototype development
You can come to Lumiere as soon as the idea is born in your mind. We will guide you through a discovery workshop session to brainstorm your idea and boil it down to a few concepts that make the most sense. Then, we may come up with physical mock-ups and refine the product design and its details.

When the industrial design is ready, we will work on the mechanical engineering of your product. Based on this, we will build 3D models of how your product will look, starting from a PoC or MVP prototype and up until we hand it over to your mass production partner.
When it comes to electronics, you can rely on our expertise to suggest the whole hardware architecture of your IoT product.

We start with the most important part — hardware platform selection. Later, we work on an embedded design, wireless (RF) design, display and touch screens, power/battery management, BOM (bill of materials) engineering and optimization. Finally, we wrap it up with PCB layout design, fabrication and assembly.
When your IoT product design and electrical engineering are done, we start fabrication of your first prototypes, it's always so exciting to give birth to the first version of your product. This may come in a form of a 3D-printed prototype, or it could be a sleek-looking CNC prototype.

Developing a real product helps to see how your hardware will become live when software starts running in it for the first time. Together, we will validate all assumptions and get early feedback from users before you jump into the next exciting milestone: mass production.
Software Development
How we make your hardware intelligent.
embedded development
cloud and api
Embedded engineers start getting engaged together with electrical engineering. Each
engineer designs separate parts of the system that ultimately should work together

Our embedded engineers can develop firmware for MCU, BSP (boar support package) and
device drivers for Soc (system on chip) as well as application-level software. All of this can be
run on different OS (operating systems), like Linux, Android, etc. And we can support you
even if you need a custom OS, tailored to your specific loT use cases.
Based on your specific cloud requirements, we develop custom back-end solutions, design APIs that are secure and scalable, suggest proper data protocols, and integrate with third-party systems like Alexa, IFTTT, etc. And we can deploy this to Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.

At the same time, we have enough DevOps skills to set up private, independent and cost-efficient infrastructures. In case you have a specific preference, we can leverage existing IoT platforms from popular vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Ayla, Geeny, etc.
Apps are as important as any other part of your whole IoT product. This could be either mobile apps or web apps or both. While we can support you with any type of app that you are looking for, we remain fans of native apps, especially when it comes to mobile device hardware access and control. We craft sleek UX/UI designs so that your whole IoT product experience can deliver maximum value to its users.
UI, UX design, motion design, prototyping, illustrations.
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Mobile Development
iOS and Android development. React native apps.
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Business Automation
CRM and ERP integration and customization.
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