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How We Work and Deliver Products
Free Consultation
We build client relationships on trust. We openly share all of our work methods and the rules we rely on.
Agile Principles
We value the most the spirit of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development: the importance of individuals and interactions, collaborating with you, responding to change and producing working software that has value for your business.
Individual Approach
Every product is different, every customer has very individual needs. Below, we describe the principles that allow us to satisfy that. Your success is our success.
Process of Work
An example of an MVP development process. Lts agile and flexible. We always tailor to your needs.
A successful project kickoff means we get to the bottom of all the context, needs and user expectations, and we`re ready to start
design and development.

During the discovery workshop we uncover business background, technical requrements, the product`s initial scope, and plan out
the first product increment.
This what happens when we start working on your ideas. We repeat it over and over until your product is finished. We use Scrum to
make our work efficient, predictable, and valuable. Take a look at the key elements of Scrum:
Work Planning
We plan work in intervals called Sprints. They
usually last 2 weeks. Together with you, we
plan which features to include in the
development, and decide how we implement
Test Software
Every Sprint
We split our work into small parts so that we
present the effects of our efforts often. We
work incrementally. Every sprint we deliver a
testable piece of work.
We value honesty and transparency in giving
and receving feedback. Every Sprint we adapt
to change and strive to improve how we work
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Certified Scrum Masters
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Environment Direct Access
UI, UX design, motion design, prototyping, illustrations.
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Mobile Development
iOS and Android development. React native apps.
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Business Automation
CRM and ERP integration and customization.
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